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As a licensed Alaskan Fishing Guide with many years of fly fishing experience here and in Rockies of the lower 48, I understand that a fishing experience is as much about the anticipation as the trip itself. If you’ve fished in many other venues Fishing in Alaska is often better than a dream come true, whether pursuing the five species of Salmon on medium to heavy tackle (fly or spinning), fishing for large Rainbows with a “flesh” colored wet fly or, casting a #12 dry fly for Arctic Grayling on a #3 weight floating fly line.

Wilderness River Fishing Guides of Talkeetna, AK

Fishing Jet BoatWe offer Fishing Excursions, from one day Jet Trips on our “North River” Inboard Jet Boat up the Susitna, Chulitna or Talkeetna Rivers to one day Walk-In Trips in the nearby hills, to three day Float Trip Adventures in the Dutch Hills Basin with our modern inflatables.  Since Coming to Alaska we have been looking for a few really high quality remote Lakes and Streams where we could take our more Adventurous Guests who are interested in Superb Fishing, spending time in the Wilderness, and are looking for peace, quiet and adventure among some of the many beautiful places Alaska has to offer. With all five species of Salmon, Large Rainbows, Dolly Varden, huge Grayling, Lake Trout and Northern Pike sometimes available in the same fishery, we have discovered a few “fishin’ holes” that will live up to and sometimes exceed your; and our Expectations.


With our guests asking for different types of experiences we are making every effort to fine tune our guiding services to each fisherman and group.  With this in mind, we are no longer offering half-day fishing excursions.  Many half-day trips tend to be “Combat Fishing” with elbow to elbow fishermen and there is really no way that we can get you to a remote and truly wilderness fishery, teach the basics of fly fishing (if necessary), then get you into the fish in half a day without rushing and sacrificing something in the quality of the experience.

Our new Wilderness River Fishing Guides adventures offers the best Wilderness fishing of any in the Talkeetna area.  We are a small company with many years of fishing and guiding experience.  You’ll find no half-day, elbow-to-elbow “Combat Fishing” here.  We offer only the best quality Wilderness Fishing  available and we’ll cross paths with as few other fishermen as possible.


Our Fishing excursions also offer superb opportunities for photography, nature hikes, and wildlife viewing.  We’ll be happy to accommodate and guide you and your companions on these other opportunities if you would like to take a break from the superb fishing.

Keep in mind; our Fishing excursions are for activity oriented men and women who love the outdoors and want to be as far from “civilization” as possible for a  day or more. Minimum age of 14.
Please book early!

Peters Creek Float Package

Salmon Fishing

This is a full three day package and takes you into one of our areas most productive Rainbow, Arctic Grayling and Salmon streams. The fishing is superb and the stream and surrounding scenery is magnificent. If you like floating a stream, stopping periodically and catching our great Grayling, Rainbows and Salmon this is the trip for you. This trip is for fisherman who like to keep moving and don’t mind helping out a little if we have to go around (Portage) a few log jams or pull the inflatable across a sand or gravel bar a few times.
Please book early!

  • Heading out Day 1!

The first afternoon we’ll load the Hummer with our Gear (Maximum 50# ea.) and depart the Lodge in the early afternoon heading West of Trapper Creek on the Petersville road for about and hour. Upon arrival at our launch point, we’ll secure our Gear in the Inflatable and head down stream for a couple of hours to camp, pitch the tent, build a warm fire, cook dinner and enjoy the remainder of the evening fishing, hiking, taking pictures or just relaxing.

  • Days 2 & 3

Up early and enjoy a nutritious breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, fried potatoes, sweet breads and coffee cakes. Then we strike camp and float down stream for several hours stopping at likely hot-spots and for a good lunch of cold cuts, fruit, cookies etc. In the evening we’ll stop, make camp, and have a great dinner of grilled fish, hamburgers, steaks, stew or whatever trips your taste buds. Evenings are “On your own” to fish, rest, enjoy the fire, hike, take photographs or whatever you like.

  • Day 4

Day 4 we’ll start like days 2 & 3. In mid-afternoon, we’ll load our gear back in the Hummer for the hour or so drive back to the Lodge and check in for a Hot Shower and fresh clothing. The evening is on your own and Talkeetna is blessed with some Excellent eating establishments. Let us know what you like and we’ll try to give you a choice of eatery options you won’t be disappointed in. After a great and relaxing evening, you can wind down in one of our very comfortable lodge rooms for the night.

What’s Included?

  • Based on double occupancy or participation of two (2) persons.
  • Four Days Fishing, Great Food, Four Nights Lodging and Transportation to and from the stream.
  • Three nights lodging in our Outfitters Tent on a comfortable pad and a warm sleeping bag to snuggle into.
  • Two night lodging at the Talkeetna Denali View Lodge.
  • All Food & Cooking provided except for snacks and beverages you would like to bring.
  • Quality Fly or Spinning rods & reels, fishing tackle and lures.
  • Filleting, Vacuum packing and Freezing of fish kept. We also offer fish smoking for an additional fee.
  • You are most welcome to catch and keep your limit of Salmon. (To preserve our wonderful fisheries, Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling are Catch-and-Release Only)
Type of Fish Season Availability Peak Availability
Sockeye Salmon July 20 to August 15 July 20 to August 5
Silver (Coho) Salmon August 1 to Sep 30 August 10 to September 15
Rainbow Trout All Season June 15 to September 30
Lake Trout All Season All Season
Arctic Grayling All Season All Season
Northern Pike All Season June 10 to July 15

What to Bring:

  • Good Rain Gear w/ hat, 2 changes of clothes, insect repellent & sunscreen, layers of warm clothing/underclothing of wool and/or neoprene or nylon (No Cotton!!! except for lounging in camp), hiking boots (broken-in), camp shoes, chest waders, personal sleeping bag and other personal care items (aka tooth brush & tooth paste, razor, baby wipes).
  • If you like, bring along two of your favorite fishing rods, reels and line. (If needed, all items except Clothing can be provided to you for a $75.00 per person trip fee.)

Pricing: $1,500.00 per person. Minimum of two fishermen.
Includes all Guide Fees, Camping and Fishing Gear with Tackle.
Minimum age of 14.

This is a truly Wilderness Experience!

Walk-In Fishing

One of the many experiences we afford our clients at Talkeetna Denali View Lodge & Cabins is a fully outfitted walk-in fishing experience. Our lodge happens to be in the midst of some of the finest fishing anywhere in North America. Only a few miles from Montana Creek, we are also located near the Susitna River, Sunshine Creek and many other excellent fisheries only minutes or a short drive away.

A quiet walk-in experience can be relaxing, exhilarating and extremely successful. Sometimes the fish are there just waiting to take a dry fly or, lunker Kings, Reds or Silvers will bite at nearly everything when protecting their “territory”. If you’re anything like us and hours in a stream with a fly rod in your hand seem like only minutes, simplicity may be excellence when angling in Alaska’s clear, cold and fast moving waters. I've done a lot of fishing in Alaska, particularly in the Talkeetna, Dutch Hills and Denali State Park areas. When the fish are “in” it can be pretty amazing. We base our walk-in rates and other excursions for party's of two. Minimum age of 14.

Jet Boat River Fishing

Sometimes, a well outfitted power boat is a real advantage, especially when the good fishing is remote or getting to those hard-to-get-to places requires some horsepower.  With our “North River” shallow-draft Jet Boat, we can access fisheries that only few others can.  We go to where the fish are; and the people are not!

Since we accommodate only small groups, we can also fine-tune a trip to fit your needs and style. There are pictures of the success of some our fishing trips on our new web-site and the Photos page. We can send you more if you like. Minimum age of 14.

Remember,  the "Wilderness" is where you want to be when you come to fish in Alaska!

For a Great Wilderness Fishing Adventure check out new website:

Wilderness River Fishing Guides of Talkeetna, Alaska


Snow Vacation and Activity Package

Aurora / Northern LightsAt Talkeetna Denali View Lodge & Cabins ( we offer lodging and outdoor activities packages for just about everyone who loves the outdoors.

Back by popular demand, we are offering a special for our Winter outdoor enthusiasts!
Our package includes two nights lodging for only $190 (plus AK bed tax and $5 per night internet surcharge) with access to our new Sundance Hot Tub/Spa & Dry Sauna!!! Excellent Views of the the Alaska Range and Aurora Borealis! This package is for weekends or weekdays and includes any two night stay until April 15th, 2017! Extended stays carry the discount.

At Talkeetna Denali View Lodge & Cabins, we have lots of room for snow machine parking and plenty of nearby trails for snow shoeing, skiing and snow machining. We're just off Mile 3 of the Talkeetna Spur, only two hours North of Anchorage and, only 5.5 (five and one-half) from the Yoder Hill Trailhead with groomed and maintained trails into the Talkeetna Mountains! There are good roads and snow to the trailheads so there is no need to drive there. Just park here at the lodge and sled up to the trailheads.

Come stay with us at the Talkeetna Denali View Lodge & Cabins. Let us personalize your lodging and show you just how much you can enjoy your Outdoor Winter Experiences here near Talkeetna, Alaska.

Please call our Reservations Desk between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm Alaska Time Zone hours.
(4 hours behind EST)

(907) 733-4111 or (907) 841-0749