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Book Early for our 2015 Flightseeing Packages

3 Nights in our Best Suites, 3 Great Breakfasts and a One+ (1.5) Hour Flightseeing Tour
of the Alaska Range & Glaciers for 2 - 3.

ONLY $650.00

NEW for 2015!

Two Night Stay in a Suite w/ Talkeetna Mtn Range Flight Pkg

Great Breakfasts and a One Hour Flightseeing Tour of the Talkeetna Mountain Range
for 2 - 3 within 25 miles of Talkeetna.

ONLY $650.00

NEW for 2015!

Four Day Extended stay w/ Flight Package.  A Two Hour Flight!

4 Nights in our beautiful Suite, 4 of Renae's Great Breakfasts and an Extended Flightseeing Tour which includes a tour of the Talkeetna Mountains as well as our regular tour viewing Mt. McKinley, the Alaska Range, the Glaciers and some Gorgeous Lakes. INCLUDES: 2 Hour Flight for up to 3 persons (600# maximum wt) for a $138.00 Fuel and Oil Surcharge.

Total ONLY $878.00 plus Bed Tax

Guided Float Trip

Take our 3 day & 2 night Professionally Guided Float Trip (Fishing Excursion or Photo/Wildlife Tour) on a Wilderness Stream w/ a Free one-night stay in the lodge.

ONLY $995.00 per person

(Minimum of two)

2015 Snow Vacation & Activity Package

Get away this Winter with our 2015 Snow Vacation & Activity Package!
Includes a two night stay, 2 Great Breakfasts and Hot Tub/Spa & Sauna access!
Plenty of parking for Snow Machines!

ONLY $175.00 for a two night stay in any available Lodge Room.

Please Call our Reservation Desk for Reservations 24 / 7
at (907) 733-4111 or (907) 354-2411

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